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30 Oct

Moving house? Tips from a recent mover

Buying a house is easy, but moving house is hard. It’s tiring, it’s stressful and it can go on for days and weeks. Quite frankly, not many people enjoy the actual moving part of moving house. It kind of sucks.

Moving house? Tips from a recent mover

Having moved a few times myself, and talked to many of my clients, I know what a pain moving can be. So I've put together my top tips for moving. Hopefully, they'll ease the pain of moving for you.

Rodney's top 10 moving tips

The first thing I'm going to suggest is to pay someone else to do it! That's the ideal scenario - pay someone to pack for you and then move you. Easy. That way you can keep living without disruption right up to moving time. If you're moving cities or countries, this is definitely the way to go. But if you're moving within the same city the extra expense can be somewhat harder to justify.

So the usual scenario is to pack yourself, then hire a removal truck with 2-3 burly men to move you. If that's the kind of move you're contemplating, check out these 10 tips from those that have "been there done that" recently. 

1. Allow an extra day at your old house

Try not to move out and have someone move in on the same day. That way you can move out and go back and do a final clean and check (or even better, pay a cleaner to do it). If you have someone hot on your tail it's pretty stressful, so avoid that if you can. But if it can't be avoided then you'll need to clear and clean as many rooms in advance as you can to ensure a quick exit.

2. Book as soon as you know your moving date

Movers, carpet cleaners, cleaners — whoever you chose to hire on move day, book them in advance as they can be pretty busy. Get quotes as prices can vary and make sure you call to confirm a few weeks out — you can't afford any muddle-ups.

3. If in doubt, throw it out

Have a massive clear out. This should be one of the first jobs on your list in the first week. You don't want to pay people to move 'crap' that you'll never use. Key focus areas where you're likely to have excess stuff - kids rooms, garage, kitchen, spare room or storage areas.

And when I say throw it out, don't take that literally. If it is worth something, pop it on Trademe and sell it. If it still has life in it give it to charity, otherwise a trip to the dump is in order. Most movers wish they'd been more rigorous with their clean out before paying people to move 'crap' they don't want or need at their new place.

And a handy hint if you have young children. Do not let them see you getting rid of stuff. They'll always try and stop you if you're not sneaky!

4. Make a weekly list

Lists. Very important. There are loads of things you need to remember to do when you shift. Make at least a 4-week list, with jobs spread out over each week. This works well for prioritising and focusing husband/wife and kids and can be less overwhelming than a big long list. Plus it feels good when you've done all the jobs from week one, you can sit down for a well-earned beer.

Don't forget about all the admin jobs such as insurance, power, internet, rubbish collection etc.

5. Grab some banana boxes from the supermarket

Banana boxes are great as they're easy to carry and quite strong. They're particularly useful for the stuff you want to take in your car. And you can get them for free from your local supermarket.

6. Label boxes for where they're going at the new place

Invest in a packing tape dispenser and sharpies. If you can find some 'Fragile' tape or stickers that's also handy. Tape your boxes closed so they're easy to carry and stack and clearly mark which room they'll go to in the new place with a list of items. You'll think you'll remember what's in them, but trust me, you won't. And it makes unloading quicker as the right boxes will go in the right rooms (mostly).

7. Get rid of the kids for a few days

If you have younger children, send them to friends or relatives for at least the night before and the night of the move. It's easier to operate for you and not as stressful for them.

8. Send an advance cleaning crew

While your old place is getting packed, send someone around to wipe out the kitchen and bathroom cupboards ar your new place. They may look clean, but are they really? Best to be sure.

9. Convert offers of help to food

If people offer to help you shift, suggest they bring lunch over or cook you dinner instead. There's only so many takeaways your stomach (and wallet) can handle!

10. Be nice to the movers

The moving guys have a tough and tiring job. Treat them well and they're more likely to treat you and your stuff well.

Moving is tough, but at the same time, it's exciting to set up your new home. Short-term pain for long-term gain. And one last thing. As soon as the fridge is in and running, get the food back in there and most importantly the beer.

You can't beat a nice cold beer after a hard day's shifting!

Rodney Fong is a Licensed Salesperson and Auctioneer working with clients throughout Tauranga, Mt Maunganui and Papamoa.

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