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25 Jul

Is apartment living your next step?

With apartments springing up all over town, it appears that more and more Kiwis are embracing this style of living and all it has to offer.

Is apartment living your next step?

Apartment living is about more than just retiring your lawnmower. As our population grows we need to be living smarter and apartments may hold the answer. Tauranga City council, along with other councils around New Zealand, are encouraging urban intensification. Higher density living is becoming the standard for many Kiwi's — a choice already popular for many decades in big cities overseas.

So what's good about apartments?

Size does matter

Obviously, the biggest advantage of apartment living is size. While an apartment can still feel spacious, there is generally much less floor area to clean, stuff to buy to fill the space, and the body corporate takes care of any building maintenance, leaving your time free for things other than dusting and vacuuming! Win!

Those boots were made for walking

Apartment buildings are often super central, and conveniently located within walking distance of almost everything you could need, This means less time in the car, and less money on petrol and parking. Imagine walking out your front door, grabbing a coffee 5 minutes down the road, and walking in the sunshine to work every day. Not bad, right?

Safe zone

Safety is often another significant reason I hear from people who are choosing apartment living. With secure entrances, intercoms, and a close sense of community within the building, apartments feel like a safe haven from a busy world. And no door to door salesmen to deal with .....ever!

The safety of the building itself is also another key reason people are choosing apartments. New apartment buildings are developed using modern construction methods, and to the latest safety requirements - which means occupants can have complete confidence in the building they call home.

The carpet can match the curtains

In a previous blog, I talked about buying off the plans. This is a great way to have a say in your home while it's being built, and help ensure that you get the additional security and lifestyle features you want in an apartment without having the cost and inconvenience of adding them afterwards. Get in at the ground level – literally!

Construction is now well underway on Tauranga's newest apartment complex Latitude Residences. Size, aspect, location, safety, affordability, and lifestyle are all vitally important at the Latitude development so buyers can be assured of the quality and value of their new home.

Apartments are a practical, stylish, safe, and convenient alternative to the traditional kiwi "3 bedrooms/1bathroom" house and their popularity for people of all demographics and life stages continues to skyrocket. Watch this space for more exciting apartment developments around Tauranga and Mount Maunganui!

Rodney Fong is a Licensed Salesperson and Auctioneer working with clients throughout Tauranga, Mt Maunganui and Papamoa.

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