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23 Jan

5 DIY projects that'll add value to your home

Summer is the perfect opportunity for a bit of DIY - if you’re that way inclined, and if a. you have to, b. it’s the only way to get some time to yourself (and listen to the cricket) or c. you just enjoy it...

5 DIY projects that'll add value to your home

Whatever the reason, if you're going to spend your time and money on home improvement projects this summer my advice is to make it count. Invest in projects wisely. Make sure they add value to your home. And if you're not moving anytime soon, do the projects that make you feel better about your home - you want to enjoy living there.

So where should you invest? Here are my top picks for adding value when it comes time to sell but also while you live there.

Top 5 value-adding home improvement projects

#1. Insulate

Definitely not the most pleasant job in the middle of summer. But if your home isn't insulated get that done. Today, this is considered a necessity by many home buyers. In fact, not having insulation can create the perception of an unhealthy home. Even if you're not planning on selling anytime soon, you will enjoy the benefits of insulation.

#2. Improve street appeal

First impressions count. The look and feel of a home as you first approach it can make a potential buyer fall in love with it - and pay more money. Start from your letterbox and work your way inside with a critical eye. What looks tired, outdated, or out of place?

Make sure any garden and lawn areas look appealing. These days people like simple structured gardens that are low maintenance.

Is your paintwork in good condition? What about your paving, your front door, guttering?

Get the outside areas of your home looking smart, and you'll add appeal, and all things going well, value. Plus you'll feel good every time you come home.

#3. Freshen up your paintwork

How is your paintwork inside and out? This is a relatively low-cost way of sprucing up your home. Choose colours carefully. And most important - do a good, neat job.

#4. Create indoor/outdoor flow

Indoor/outdoor flow is on everyone's wish list. How is yours? Is a deck or patio possible? Can you put in some wide opening doors (eg: french, sliding or bifolding)?

But a warning here. This can turn into a big project and in some cases may require a building consent. Plan it out carefully and seek professional advice.

#5. Update kitchens and bathrooms

Ouch. I saved the biggies until last. Kitchens and bathrooms are key decision points for buyers. But they're also expensive to remodel. If your kitchen and bathroom need an update then this is worth considering if you're not about to move, you will enjoy the results. But if a move is on the cards then my advice is to simply tidy these areas up as much as you can.

Get some professional advice

Before you dive into a renovating frenzy you need to weigh up your costs vs benefits. The last thing you want to do is to overcapitalise. What you do and how much you should spend will depend on the type of house you own - it's age, condition, layout; your neighbourhood; and the current market activity.

Getting an appraisal from a real estate agent is a good place to start. That way you know how much your home is worth. The agent will also have advice on where to spend your renovation energy. It's worth talking to a couple agents and canvassing their opinions.

Unfortunately, there's no set formula or guarantees on selecting renovations that will add value to your home. Whether you're planning on selling now or at some time in the future, the key is to put yourself in your potential buyer's shoes—what would they like?

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Rodney Fong is a Licensed Salesperson and Auctioneer working with clients throughout Tauranga, Mt Maunganui and Papamoa.

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